Health care contains problems needing fixed. How can we continually learn from experience, accumulate that experience to inform future choice-making and action?


When first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, my neurologist told me he was expert in treating groups of people (populations) with MS, but he didn’t know crap about me…

As a musician. I’ve gone from “can’t do this” to “need to be better.” If it was health, I’d advise, ‘you never get better in a straight line. No dip, no rise.’

I’m as good as I am

I left for the gig determined and fearful. I’ve spent six to ten hours a week playing my…

What does healthcare cost mean? I can’t explain it. Listen to Matt Pickering from Nat Quality Forum help us out. Consider serving as a patient rep with NQF.


If a grocery store, car dealer, hardware store, eBay, Amazon charges $100 for something, how much does it get paid? $100. If…

Take a brief break with several six-word caregiver poems, like ‘Pillow, Pills, Poop, Piss, and Pain’ plus a poem about me from The Good Listening Project.


Hello, fine listeners and readers. This is my 143rd episode and my 510th post. I began weekly blogging on July 24th, 2012, and weekly…

Some people pull hand-over-hand for strands of hope and opportunity in the quicksand of tragedy. The entire family strains to recover from the grief of addiction. I appreciate Sarah Cloud’s person-first approach. People are expert in their own lives. Expert means they know much. Experts still need help connecting dots…

Danny van Leeuwen Health Hats

Empowering people traveling together toward best health. Pt with MS, care partner, nurse, informaticist, leader. Focusing on learning what works for people

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