The odyssey of sustained community engagement at Cambridge Health Alliance with Janice John and Jamila Xible. Cross-pollination of expertise and employment.


Welcome to the eleventh episode in Health Hats’ community engagement series. I’m fascinated with communities that gather to solve a problem, their problem. I tune my ears to such…

Revisit 2019 travel to Spain with disabilities. A guest in other people’s lives. Differentiating between sound and noise. Heightening senses, expanding voice.


In May 2019 my wife, a couple of friends, and I went to Spain to hike the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Full disclosure, they hiked I road in…

Embedded researcher, Matt Hudson. Partnerships, self-reflection, values, equity. Treat illness in service of community prosperity. An instruction manual.


These days, several interests swirl through my mind and heart: disparities and equity in healthcare, community-research partnerships, and continuous learning about health. Swirling sounds too pretty and neat. Perhaps it’s smearing through…

Turn-around. Interview of Health Hats by Craig Constantine entitled, Rich, about my podcasting process. A ton of work to keep it fresh. Ruthless editing.


From time-to-time readers and listeners ask me about my process for podcasting. Recently, Craig Constantine, a crony in podcasting, interviewed me about my podcasting journey. Craig’s…

Health care contains problems needing fixed. How can we continually learn from experience, accumulate that experience to inform future choice-making and action?


When first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, my neurologist told me he was expert in treating groups of people (populations) with MS, but he didn’t know crap about me…

As a musician. I’ve gone from “can’t do this” to “need to be better.” If it was health, I’d advise, ‘you never get better in a straight line. No dip, no rise.’

I’m as good as I am

I left for the gig determined and fearful. I’ve spent six to ten hours a week playing my…

Danny van Leeuwen Health Hats

Empowering people traveling together toward best health. Pt with MS, care partner, nurse, informaticist, leader. Focusing on learning what works for people

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