Nurture spirit for best health. Death, dying, grief, trauma weaken and ++ connections, music, art, mindfulness, gratitude strengthen the spirit. A mystery indeed.


We visited my sister this week, traveling between cool, sunny San Diego and very hot Indio, CA. Not the same here since my mom died in 2014. My sister, Jessica, and I reminisced. What did Ruth, my mom, believe happened after death? She thought her body died and her spirit lived. She hoped her spirit would come back in a Monarch butterfly. My mom, born Jewish, rejected organized religion after surviving the Holocaust. My other sister thinks…

Still hilarious traveling down the tube of metastatic cancer? Maybe bemused, bewildered, be tired. Definitely not dead yet. Mighty Casey keeps us up-to-date.


Let me introduce my dear friend, Casey Quinlan. Last week, when I said that I’m a lousy revolutionary, I thought about Casey, a much better revolutionary. Casey uses the handle, Mighty Casey, and publishes the podcast, Healthcare is Hilarious. I sponsor Casey’s podcast through Patreon. While our approach to healthcare activism varies considerably, Casey is one of a handful of activists I consult when I find myself in a hole I can’t get out of. She’s a…

How can co-production help get research findings into practice and life? Consider strategy and tactics based on researchers’ and public’s capacity, willingness, and opportunity to co-produce.


When your 10-year-old child plans, purchases ingredients and prepares dinner for the family every Thursday, that’s co-production. When neighborhood residents work closely with police to allocate resources to identify and address local safety risks, that’s co-production. When patients and caregivers — people with lived experience — serve as co-Primary Investigators (PIs) in research, that’s co-production. Several readers and listeners of last week’s episode Walk the Talk. Person-First and Co-Production asked me to say more…

Taking Person-First Safe Living in a Pandemic on the road with Health Communication students at The College of NJ leading to Care Against COVID on Instagram


During my career, I served twice in the C-Suite (C means Chief or senior leader in an organization). At first, a heady experience — Jeesh, I’m a real boss! When the honeymoon was over, I noticed that I was mostly talking to the same people — other people in the C-suite, by its nature, a small group. We all knew how the others thought. We understood the pecking order. There’s always a pecking order…

Celebrating generational milestones. Reaching life goals. Surviving and thriving with superpowers.

Celebrations 13, 20, 45

Much to celebrate this week. My oldest grandson turns 13, and his mom and dad celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I officiated at the wedding in 2001. Mike, the couple’s brother, our son, and I played the Beatles tune When I’m 64, for the couple’s first dance. Mike would have been 45 this week — a different kind of celebration.

Reaching goals in life. All gravy from here.

My goals in life included being a good man to a good woman and raising children who grew to love strong partners while being solid parents. I’m thankful to…

The powerful are not homogenous. The person-first approach (meet people where they are) can help us better strategize and advocate for partnership and shared decision-making in health choices, research, practice, policy, or equity.


Greetings, readers and listeners. Have I expressed my gratitude out loud to you recently? I’m grateful for your participation in my musings and curiosity while learning on the journey toward best health. I’m grateful to my guests who allow us some moments of intimacy with them to peek into their passion and expertise. I love that I can roam where the spirit moves me, and you still…

Trust in journalism. Still complicated. Do we value connection over logic? Are we persuadable? What is the mix of facts, context, opinions? Learn from Joy Mayer


I live in a bubble. Inside the bubble, I can drop my shoulders, take deep breaths, find humor and love, and rest. I’m creative, productive, and silly. Trust soaks the peat under the moss on the floor of my bubble. I feel it squish between toes. Ahhhhh. The bubble moves with me. I can step outside the bubble; the bubble can subtly pop and explosively vanish. Indeed, when outside the bubble, I’m a bit…

Approaching my health as improv. Some stuff work at the moment; some don’t. Listen, learn, appreciate. There are no mistakes. We are where we are, trying again.

Proem (Preface)

I keep a daily spreadsheet of steps walked and minutes playing music. I pause to reflect on my progress at the end of April every year. It’s April 2021. I see that I’ve met my goal of 3,500 steps a day for 360 of 365 days with a daily average of 4,400 steps a day. My goal is to maintain. I have maintained my steps for the ten years I’ve tracked, although I’ve…

We are not our behaviors, diagnoses, or symptoms, but tellers of our many stories & owners of our health. Wisdom from fearless master medical coach, Siri ben Arzi

Proem (Preface)

My mother had eyes in the back of her head. I heard that and thought about it throughout childhood. I’m not a mother. I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. I do know that I am a force, and I create a wake. Think a speedboat, a ship, with that V of water behind it. I’m aware that I have a wake. Sometimes, I can pause during my headlong…

North Star of personal and symptom goals help us operate at peak performance. Stay Well. Get Over It. Live the Best Life Possible. Try it. Makes a difference.

Proem (Preface)

I build most of my podcasts around conversations with my guests. Although I try to craft the story while I prepare, the chat can go anywhere, often in unexpected directions. Then I extract the story after completing the recording during editing. I use the Proem (Preface) and Reflection as vehicles to shape those stories. Sometimes I have no guest, just me talking to you about whatever’s on my mind. These shorter episodes…

Danny van Leeuwen Health Hats

Empowering people traveling together toward best health. Pt with MS, care partner, nurse, informaticist, leader. Focusing on learning what works for people

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