Plan Care — So Many Questions

Plan of Care — What’s Going on in Their Minds?

Plan of Care — The Caregiver’s Dilemma

Plan of Care — How Does It Fit?

  1. Diagnose (Finding out what’s going on).
  2. Planning care (What needs to happen, by whom, when? What do we expect to happen when we do it (outcome)? What could go wrong, how can we prevent it, and how will we deal with it if it happens?)
  3. Learning (Checking if the plan worked. Did I get the outcomes I was expecting or hoped for?)
  4. Adjust (If not, try something else.

Plan of Care — An Example

  1. Hydration all day long — everybody reminds me to drink water
  2. Antibiotics daily for 5 days as ordered
  3. Albuterol inhaler every four hours, even at night, to open up my airways
  4. Steam as I can tolerate, in the shower, over a steaming pot, whatever works
  5. Sleep/walk/sit alternating every 15 min with a timer
  6. Stretch every four hours
  7. Alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain management
  8. Ativan at night or Benadryl
  9. No saxophone till I stop coughing
  10. Acupuncture next week.
  11. Ask my PCP questions via portal unless I was getting worse, then call her.
  12. If I’m not significantly better in 10 days or if I’m worried about myself go see the doctor directly.

Plan of Care — In Summary



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